Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cancer Research UK Race for Life 2008 Charity event

To my dearest friends,

Once again, much apologies for not actively updating my blog. The same as all previous times, life has just been busy, filled with an amalgation of work-pertaining commitments as well as personal social outings.

But alas....Here, I am...updating my blog!

This is, however, not for my own pleasure/satisfaction, but for a genuinely charitable cause. I urge all of you reading this entry to spare me a few minutes of your time to hear my plea.

Through the time I have spent researching on breast cancer as well as having relatives suffer from it, I have grown to understand the plight of cancer sufferers and the difficulty of loved ones surrounding them. Additionally, I have observed the productive work of various research endeavours and know that laboratories all around the world studying on cancer are making an impact in combating this disease.

Cancer is non-racist and non-judgmental. Cancer does not choose who it targets. More importantly, there is no way of preventing cancer.

Cancer Research UK, which also funds the research work I'm doing, is a reputable organisation, having helped and supported thousands of cancer sufferers throughout the UK. The organisation continually organizes fundraising events to raise money for cancer treatments and aids, cancer awareness as well as cancer research.

Recently, I have consciously decided to do my part for what is close to my heart.

I will be taking up the challenge of running a 5km course in the RACE FOR LIFE chariy event in June organised by Cancer Research UK.

Those who know me, know that I am a person of small stature, certainly not the most athletic but I have been training for several weeks now (!). I certainly hope to train harder approaching the event to improve my performance...also in order not to be caught on Scottish news headlines as the 'wee Malaysian lassie who fainted after 15 minutes into race'. Nevertheless, fear not, I doubt that will happen *fingers crossed*

With that, I am spreading the word and appealing to your kind & generous selves to support me in my humble endeavour and contribute a little something (whatever the amount) to this noble cause. I have always believed that EVERY contribution is a help, however big or small the amount is.

To make contributions simple and easy, I have registered with Cancer Research UK and set up a fundraising webpage. This avoids handling cash to myself and all proceeds will go directly to the organisation, bypassing me. CLICK HERE to contribute to Jaclyn's humble challenge and do your bit for humankind!

I thank you in advance for your generous support and hope you know I really appreciate it.

Together, we can help beat cancer!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Toothpaste Kisses

I'm voting this song as the cutest song of the year!

Listening to this song makes me wanna go around pinching friends' (and strangers') cheeks with both hands, saying, 'Koochee...koochee...koooooooo...!'

'Toothpaste Kisses' by The Maccabees

You'll have to check it out by clicking the link below because I'm lousy at html etc.. and I don't know how to upload a youtube video on

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I think it's about time I update this blogspace of mine...

It's been a while since I've recommended a film to everyone...Incidentally, I've stumbled upon a little gem of a movie. I absolutely love the feeling when you come across an excellent film that is not your usual highly-publicised, Hollywood production and you watch it with little expectations but come out feeling simply great. ONCE is one such movie.

ONCE tells a love story about how the lives of two musically-talented strangers converge in the streets of Dublin, leading to a weekend that significantly changes the path of each other's future.

He is a street busker and she, a flower-seller, both enduring difficult times in their lives. During the brief encounter, they find solace in each other's company and inevitable attraction to each other's musical inclination.

It is a story about the passion for making music, daring to dream, how life-changing moments happening when you least expect them, unspoken love, and making the best of what you have and own at every given moment.

I enjoyed the way the movie was filmed using soft lens - it gave a texture of intended imperfection and sombreness, each suiting the harsh realities of life. Although deemed to be a modern day musical, it is very much a dialogue-filled movie, albeit offerring elaborate music scenes. Its storyline is uncomplicated, alternating between sad and funny moments, and ending (in my humble opinion) very appropriately.

If you're a hopeless romantic and/or a sucker for love songs by singer-songwriters like Damien Rice, this is a movie you definitely do not want to miss!

Check out trailer at :-

...and listen to some of the soundtrack at :-

Monday, September 24, 2007

Warhol Philosophy

Here's a follow-up post to the one before about my interest in Andy Warhol's book. He is, no doubt, quite a bit of a character. Quirky, cocky, but witty and interesting. The book kept me captivated during lunchbreaks, so-much-so I sometimes found it hard to resume work.

Below are some excerpts from the book, which I have selectively chosen and personally found very amusing :-


Warhol's take on LOVE

People's fantasies are what give them problems. If you didn't have fantasies you wouldn't have problems because you'd just take whatever was there. But then you wouldn't have romance, because romance is finding your fantasy in people who don't have it. A friend of mine always says, " Woman love me for the man I'm not."

A drag queen I know is waiting for a real man to fall in love with her/him. I always run into strong women who are looking for weak man to dominate them.

You really have to watch what you say to people about their love lives. When people are in love all their problems are in strange proportions and it's hard to know when you're saying the wrong thing.


Warhol's take on BEAUTY

If a person isn't generally considered beautiful, they can still be a success if they have a few jokes in their pockets. And a lot of pockets.

(also under BEAUTY although discussing about weight and FOOD

I know good cooks who'll spend days finding fresh garlic and fresh basil and fresh tarragon, etc., and then use canned tomatoes for the sauce, saying it doesn't matter. But I know it does matter.


Section on TIME

People say, "time on my hands." Well, I looked at my hands and I saw a lot of lines.

If the lines on your hands are wrinkles, it must mean your hands worry a lot.

They always say that time changes everything, but you actually have to change them yourself.


Section on ECONOMICS

I have a fantasy about money: I'm walking down the street and I hear somebody say - in a whisper - "There goes the richest person in the world."

After you PAY SOMEBODY BACK you never run into them anymore. But before that, they're EVERYWHERE.


Warhol's slight obsession about SPACE

When I look at things, I always see the space they occupy. I always want the space to reappear, to make a comeback, because it's lost space when there's something in it. If I see a chair in a beautiful space, no matter how beautiful the chair is, it can never be as beautiful to me as the plain space.

I've always had a conflict because I'm shy and yet I like to take up a lot of personal space.

Another way to take up more space is with perfume. I really love wearing perfume.


Warhol's take on ART

I like painting on a square because you don't have to decide whether it should be longer-longer or shorter-shorter or longer-shorter: it's just a square.

I think every painting should be the same size and the same color so they're all interchangeable and nobody thinks they have a better painting or a worse painting. And if the one "master painting" is good, they're all good.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I am thankful.....

There are days when you wake up with an almost aching feeling in your heart and with invisible loads upon your shoulder, simply not wanting to step out of bed to brave the challenges of the upcoming day. Having come across one too many of such days as you emerge in age, you tactfully come up with ways to combat the ill thoughts/feelings as you realise that, as cliche as it sounds, 'the sun will keep rising in the morning and set in the evening' whether or not you're in the crappy mood you're in. On those difficult mornings, I sometimes comfort myself by consciously acknowledging how much better off I am compared to many others in the world. I start running through a mental list of good things/deeds/gestures that I have recently stumbled upon or befallen me. It ultimately helps me launch my day with a positive start.

But today, wasn't one of those days......and today didn't need me to be thankful for all the good things in my life to uplift my spirits to get through a rough day. Today, I felt thankful because of the pure simplicity of contentment. And days like these definitely warrant a blog entry.

I am thankful:-

...for the unconditional and undivided love and understanding from my parents.

...for the company of a loving brother.

...for the joy and laughter of good-natured, friendly, patient and supportive colleagues and friends.

...for employers, who have always treated me with respect.

...for the continuing friendship of a friend even at the most tricky and challenging of times.

...for the considerate and thoughtful yet unexpected gestures of acquaintances and even strangers.

...for the realisation that life is in your hands.

...for the unlimited chances to build and rebuild, improve and refine my character.

...for the ability to discern the trivial from the important.

...for the experience to enjoy the splendour of simple things in life.

...for the life I currently live in.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Dearest all,

I have just successfully added-on a music widget to this blog (can't believe I did it! Me being such an HTML/java idiot) . It displays what I'm listening to at any one point in time.....

Yes, it's me rambling on...and on again...about music and songs I like. Just another way to share with everyone my music library.

What else have I been up to lately? Well, I went to explore an Andy Warhol gallery yesterday afternoon at Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). Those who have been to Glasgow before will remember it. It's the building with a statue of a man on the horse in front of it. The statue, usually donned with a police traffic cone, is the famous landmark of the city.

For those not familiar with Andy Warhol's work, he is the creator and mastermind of POP ART.
Among his very renown pieces are the repetitive portrait prints of Marilyn Monroe, Mao Tze Tung and the Campbell Soup Can in flamboyant rainbow colours.

Not only was Warhol an artist, he was a film producer and an author although all his works were often classified as avant-garde; extremely controversial and pushing the bounderies of the then acceptable culture. Having an eccentric character, his quotes are undoubtedly amusing.

I have just purchased his book from Amazon - ' The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again)', where he expresses openly about his views on life, love, fame, art, money etc....

Can't wait to read it!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

8 random facts about yours truly


Let's try this new meme thingy out. 8 random facts about moi!

Fact 1

I have short legs and tiny feet.

Fact 2

Music and movies are my passions in life. To me, they bring fantasy to life and life to fantasy. Current favourite band is Camera Obscura, favourite male singer is Roddy Woomble, favourite female singer is Madeleine Peyroux, favourite movie is Transformers, favourite TV series is Heroes.

Fact 3

I am a lefty. Hence, people often say I can't do things right! Very true in a way...haha!

Fact 4

I have developed a great liking for cooking and baking although I'm not necessarily great at it. Latest cooking endeavour is Indian dhal.

Fact 5

I like my tea boiling hot and with lotsa milk.

Fact 6

I have forgotten how to write a 'surat rasmi' in proper BM. The last time I wrote one I had to write it in English and translate it to BM word for word, which in the end sounded very odd. Saddddd.....

Fact 7

I am an appalling driver.

Fact 8

I have recently realised that I am allergic to silver earrings. Damn....there goes my choices.

So voila! That's my meme done!